A year  ago I stepped out of my comfort zone. I went to a group fitness class at Rad  Fit with Abi Santiago. Up until then I was never comfortable in a group fitness setting. Having been overweight (obese) my whole life I always felt inadequate. Although my fitness journey with my at home workouts had helped me lose weight and get more fit I always feared people judging me. But, that morning I got up and went. My heart was racing. What followed is something I am thankful for everyday. I found a place where the people I workout with have turned into friends. A place where people genuinely care about me. A place where people will push me beyond my self set “limits”. A place where my non-scale victories are celebrated and a place that feels like home. Rad  fit is not just a gym. Rad  fit is a family, a community. When my schedule was going to force me to take a month off two members jumped in and said what can we do and thus was born a 4:30am crew. Rad  fit has brought me my “crew” who have become some of my best friends. -Alli Levene

If anyone wants to know why I love Rad Fit Club so much...it’s because it doesn’t matter what your goal is or how much you are able to do that day, Abi  IS going to be there! She will make sure you show up for you, she will modify and make it something YOU are capable of that day. I’m really blessed to have this woman in my life!! Working out, staying healthy...it’s not easy. No one says it is! Having the right support is essential!